3089, a Procedurally Generated Game for Linux, Wants Your Help

The developer needs some financial help to make this game a reality

3089, a futuristic 3D open-world action role-playing game with randomly generated terrain, items, customizable weapons, is seeking funding through a Kickstarter project.

The developer, phr00t, has made a few other similar games in the past, including 3059, 3069, and Gentrieve 2.

The features implemented into 3089 sound rather promising, such as smoothly generated terrain, procedural generation of levels, endless types and textures, unique quests, randomly generated vehicles, construction and customization based on individual parts, dynamic lighting, a complete storyline, a physics engine, and of course, Linux support.

The development of 3089 has just started, but the core mechanics like terrain generation and integrated physics are already well underway.

The money raised through the Kickstarter project will be used for character modeling. Phr00t plans on hiring some artists to oversee texture generation and placement.

If you want to help in the production of 3089, check out the official Kickstarter project.

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