2X OS 7.1 Officially Released

This thin client comes with a lot of default applications installed

2X OS, a light, straightforward and efficient Linux operating system offering a variety of connectivity clients including 2X RDP, Citrix ICA, VMware View, VNC and Linux NX and HTML, is now at version 7.1.

2X OS 7.1 provides two desktop implementations, depending on the users’ experience and on the hardware capacity. The Simple Desktop Manager can make the installations of the OS between 1 GB and 1.5 GB in order to play well with older hardware.

The distribution also comes with a media player, text editor, task manager, calculator, and a file manager in order to keep the bandwidth traffic to a minimum.

The 2X Advanced Desktop Manager in this new version comes with improved performance and runs background processes such as Session Messenger, a notification utility that informs users of any newly launched processes, Connection Manager, and even Opera 11.64.

A complete set of features can be found in the official announcement.

Download 2X OS 7.1 right now from Softpedia.

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